About Us

We are Winning Tips Football Trading, a group of guys who eat, drink and breathe football. We just love the game and everything about it, but we also love stats, and we thought why not put the two together. So ten years ago we did and it’s turned into a serious money making machine.

Winning Tips Football Trading began with an idea after a couple of beers, grew into a side hustle and now creates an income that we’d never have thought possible. But even better than that, it doesn’t matter how many people get involved, there’s plenty of profit for everyone. And that’s why we’re happy to share what we know and invite other people on board, because it really is like having a money tree, and it’s a money tree that always laden with the sweetest fruit.

The only losers are the bookmakers and don’t feel sorry for them. There are plenty of mug punters out there just throwing euros their way. But it’s a basic law of physics that for every action there’s a reaction – And that’s us, the smarter speculators grabbing back as much as of that cash as we can.

We know you won’t have to look very hard to find similar services to ours, but we think we’re the best – In fact we know we are. Our results speak for themselves. We’re proud of what we do and more valuable to us than profit, is our integrity and reputation.

Evaluating hundreds of football games to determine the best trading opportunities and then sending those trades to our members does take time however, which is why we make a charge for our service. We also believe that paying for membership means you are much more likely to act on our advice. People generally don’t attach value to anything they’ve acquired for nothing..

It can be a jungle out there, so place yourself in safe hands – Our hands. Even after all this time,, we still love football and we still love stats, which means we’re happy to do all the work, and the only decision you’ll have to make, is how to spend the extra money we’ll be putting in your pocket.